Audio-visual city walk & app

Fischereihafen©Michael Böttger
Fischereihafen©Michael Böttger

Within a stone’s throw of the historic city center of Lübeck, Travemünde beckons with its big ships, fine Baltic beach and the perhaps most beautiful sailing area in the world.

Discover on this independent tour the history of the old fishing village of Travemünde and the glamorous past of the historic seaside resort that was founded in 1802 as the third oldest German coastal resort. As a storyteller and expert on Travemünde the old fisherman Fiete Hansen introduces you to his favourite places and lets you in on the secrets of the old seamen. His route leads from the promenade via the cliffs of Brodten to the rustic fishing harbor. Trivia and some seaman’s yarn about the old lighthouse and the four-master Passat as the town’s landmark is naturally included.

Whichever route you take to walk the town, you will get interesting and entertaining information about Travemünde and its picturesque setting at the sea. You decide yourself whether to explore the stations on foot or to listen to some stations sitting cozily on a bench on the promenade or in a café.

Equipment for this itour-guided tour can be hired from the Welcome Center Travemünde, Bertlingstraße 21. The tour is available in German and English and costs € 8.50 for three hours and € 11.00 for the whole day. Two people may both use one device as it has a double socket.

Also available as iPhone App and Android App for free.