Beach promenade

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Strolling and promenading has a long tradition in Travemünde.
The promenade was given a complete facelift for the 2012 summer season. Attractions like the Strandterrasse and the Seegarten now draw visitors in.

Ladies and gentlemen in Travemünde have been enjoying the fresh sea air along the beach since 1899.
The healthy sea air has always been there, but the revamped Strandpromenade only opened in 2012.
At 20 metres wide and 1.7 kilometres long, it is now the most beautiful promenade in Schleswig-Holstein.  Thanks to the slight elevation, it affords a fantastic view of the Bay of Lübeck, allowing visitors to watch the comings and goings of the big ships.
A fully accessible design makes for easy access.

You'll be able to keep an eye on your children from Logenplatz on the Strandterrasse while they play in the Pirate's Playground on the esplanade, and you have a great view of the big ships.

Leisure activities
The popular leisure activities are spread along the promenade at irregular intervals. Here you can – even if you're just passing by – relax, observe or really get stuck in.

This 60-m-long walkway was built last year at the start of the esplanade. The walkway has a 16-m-long bench, which allows people to observe the whole promenade, the beach and the sea to the south and north. All big explorers will have fun with the telescopes all the way along the  walkway.

A wonderful oasis with a direct sea view!
The wooden decks with various seating options and two barbecue stations are just waiting for you to spend a few happy hours here with a barbecue evening close to the esplanade.

The Pirate's Playground at the end of the esplanade has climbing ropes, nets and wooden ships for your little pirates to play on. It is divided into fun sections for different age groups.