Beach & Sea


Building sandcastles, collecting sea shells or taking a bath in the Baltic Sea - the beach is the number one reason for a holiday in Travemünde.

On summer days the beach of Travemünde is like an open air theatre: people build sandcastles, relax in a beach chair, enjoy the sun, do sports or meet for a picnic.
The best place, of course, is the sandy white main beach. Every year, more and more people can enjoy the fine and white sand - because its size is growing, namely one centimeter per year. New sand is continually being eroded from the steep coast of Brodten and deposited on the beach, which is now as wide as a football pitch with enough space for everyone: for the beach volleyball stars, football hotshots, sandcastle fans, sunbathers and walkers.

Further up north there are a nudist beach and a dog beach. The water is shallow - just 28 metres deep - so the water gets warm relatively quick. The area is also well protected from storms. The tide is hardly noticeable here: only 10 cm between high and low tide. Best conditions for families with small children, so your toddlers can splash about safely in shallow water.

Another very nice place to go is the Vorderreihe, where all day a fleet of sailing boats, fishing boats and big ferries and container vessels s pass by. They pass by so closely that you think you can touch them.

A little more peace and solitude can be found on the Priwall peninsula with its untouched natural beach with gentle dunes flanked by woodland. The Priwall has a nudist area, beach chair and boat hire, as well as a dog beach.

The beach user fee is € 2.80 per day on the city side, and € 1.40 per day on the Priwall peninsula. Children and youngsters up to 15 years, as well as OstseeCard holders can use the beach free of charge. There is no charge for the beaches on Brodtener Ufer.

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