Leisure time activities for families

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On your marks, get set, go! There are many leisure time activities for you and your family in Travemünde - regardless of the weather we have suitable ideas for your leisure time!

Playing in the sand
Pirates' ship ahoy -
On the adventure playgrounds at the Nordermole and at the grassy beach area little holiday pirates can romp around between treasure chest and pirates' ship. Look forward to thrilling adventures with smiling skulls, monkeys and parrots on a lonely island. Pirates, are you ready for boarding?!

Steep coast of Brodten
The steep coast is located betwen Travemünde and Niendorf. Here you can play with driftwood, stones and sea shells and go on a discovery tour. It is a nice, wild beach with a steep bank where you can also take your dog. You can find more information here.

Priwall peninsula
The Priwall is a huge, beautiful and wide beach area with dunes. Here you can play at the fine sandy beaches and watch see Travemünde from the "opposite side". You reach the peninsula by ferry. The mooring for the ferry is located at the promenade in Travemünde. The ferry stops next to the traditional sailing vessel "Passat". For more information please klick here.

On the playground of the restaurant and café Hermannshöhe you can play just as you like it - if the weather should not be so nice, there is an indoor kid's area as well. For more information please klick www.die-hermannshoehe.de.

Great activities in Travemünde

Ahoy Passat
Visiting this special sailing ship is cool! The old museum ship has a captain's cabin and you can see where grain was stocked up on the lower deck and learn a lot about life of the sailors on board. You can even spend the night!. Children aged below 6 have free admission. For more information please klick here.

Hello old lighthouse
The old lighthouse shines at the harbour promenade. It is the oldest lighthouse in Germany. Enjoy the view from above and count the steps while climbing the stairs. For more information please klick here

It's a horse lovers thing
This activity is for horse lovers of all ages. Beginners and advanced courses in horse riding are offered here in either one-to-one lessons or in small groups. Who is already able to ride can go for a ride at the beach or at the Southern Priwall.
Natural Motion, family Bornau
Fliegerweg 11
23570 Travemünde
Phone: + 49 (0) 45 02 / 88 90 570

Sailing is great
You can either sail with a professional skipper or get your own sailing license (minimum age: 8 years). You will explore the sea on jolly boats. This kind of yacht cruise is a lot of fun! Just give it a try! More information you can find here.

Cycling in Travemünde
You can rent a bike at a number of rental stations. There are great cycling paths in and around Travemünde. A nice tour takes you around the Hemmelsdorf lake. On the way back you pass Karl's experience farm which offers many activities for kids. More information you can find here.

Paradises for book lovers
The city library has a nice selection of books.
Am Lotsenberg 4
23570 Travemünde
phone: +49 (0) 4 51 / 1 22 42 27

Children's disco, playing, cooking, sports and trips
Welcome to the "Haus der Jugend", the open house for everyone! A diverse children's programme is offered on a daily basis throughout the year: parties, trips, ping-pong, cooking, baseball, beach games, children's disco, doing handicrafts, soccer and much more! Different events take place place every month.
Haus der Jugend
Auf dem Baggersand 28a
23570 Travemünde
Phone.: +49 (0) 45 02 / 35 03, 34 35 oder 34 02

You want to let your creativity run free? The Geschichtserlebnisraum is more than a playground. It offers you various activities. Building wooden huts, doing handicrafts, painting or looking after animals. Pommernring 58
23569 Lübeck-Kücknitz