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Fishermen's cottages used to stand on the Vorderreihe in Travemünde. Nowadays, the popular shopping street is a paradise for shoppers with many inviting restaurants and cafés, and still exudes its old-time glamour thanks to the classic seaside architecture.

Take a pleasant stroll through Travemünde: there's lots to see, lots to experience and lots of interesting things to discover! Enjoy a break after some intensive shopping: the many cafés right on the water on the Vorderreihe draw you in with delicious cappuccinos and tempting sweet offerings.  An all-day parade passes by on the water while your coffee is being served: the enormous white ferries manoeuvre in front of the green Priwall Peninsula with the Passat – the venerable old museum ship – fishing boats sail past on their way to the Baltic, and countless sailing boats cruise around the harbour. Get a taste of this atmosphere with a hint of the big, wide world. 

In the evenings there are a multitude of restaurants to choose from, offering maritime and international specialities. Then end the day by sauntering along the Vorderreihe and the Strandpromenade on the banks of the Trave – with a view of the Baltic Sea.