Sandsculpture Exhibition

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3rd June - 18th October 2020

This year, for the first time, the Sandsculpture Exhibition of the organiser "Musea GmbH" opens its doors near the Fishermen's Harbour from May 3rd - October 18th on an area of ​​5,600 square metres. The Sandsculpture Exhibition takes place in a covered boat shed and is an event for the whole family, promising "Maritime Adventures" made of sand.

The fishing port with its chugging fishing vessels, delicious fish specialties and charming restaurants, as well as the planned new promenade is enriched with the venue for the Sandsculpture Exhibition by one attraction. The entire summer season into the autumn, it becomes the centre of attraction for the seaside guests, especially for families with children. The area of ​​the sand sculptures is supplemented by a gastronomy area and a sand playground for children.

Since the sand sculptures are in a boat shed and not in the open air, they are weather independent and have an almost unlimited life span. The sand sculptors can build in the hall with more risk and work much more detailed. But the sand is not Baltic sand, but a sharp-edged young river sand that has not yet been abraded by wind and water. Since you can "stack" this special sand, it is possible to create the impressive, meter-high works of art out of sand.

For a relaxed arrival:
By car: Car park "Am Fischereihafen"
By train: Train station "Skandinavienkai"
By bus from Lübeck: Bus stop "Bahnhof Skandinavienkai", line: 30, 31, 40
Please note: The entrance is accessible via Travemünder Landstraße (subject to change)

Admission: Adults € 9.50 • Reduced Tickets € 8.50 • Children (4-14) € 6.50
: Boat hangars by the Fishermen's Harbour, Auf dem Baggersand 15/Travemünder Landstraße
: Musea GmbH