Award-winning cuisine

COLUMBIA_Hotel_Restaurant ©Columbia HotelThomas Macyszyn (c) COLUMBIA Hotels & Resorts ©Thomas Macyszyn (c) COLUMBIA Hotels & ResortsBuddenbrooks Restaurant ©A-ROSA TravemündeInes Effenberger und Dirk Seiger ©A-ROSA

Travemünde is a food lover's paradise. Experience culinary magic in our two gourmet restaurants. Indulge in the exquisite creations created by award-winning chefs, whose culinary delights are an extraordinary temptation beyond compare.

Based on clear, powerful aromas and creative ideas, the Buddenbrooks Restaurant at the A-ROSA Travemünde combines the finest gourmet cuisine with seaside hospitality. Light, contemporary classic cuisine is on the menu, and the restaurant holds 17 Gault Millau points and two of the coveted Michelin stars. The restaurant at the A-ROSA Travemünde in the historic Lübeckzimmer, which is under a preservation order, offers fine dining with refined creations and classic flavours under the direction of award-winning chef Dirk Seiger. A large wine list and attentive service are the perfect complement to this truly special dining experience.

New starred chef in the COLUMBIA Hotel Casino Travemünde

The COLUMBIA Hotel Casino Travemünde creates new culinary accents to spoil its guests with gourmet cuisine on the highest level. Maître de cuisine Thomas Macyszyn relies on the French kitchen as the basis of his creations. Although he puts a new complexion on traditional dishes, he never disturbs the taste of the original product. Since November 2011, Thomas Macyszyn is a member of the league of starred chefs and has been awarded for his quality work three times in a row with a Michelin star.

In 2015 the culinary achievements of the sympathetic top chef were rewarded by prestigious guides: The "Gusto" gave him 9 of 10 pans and named him "Chef of the year", the testers of the Gault Millau rewarded him and his gastronomical talent with 16 of 20 points.