Sleeper beach basket

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Happiness is a night in the sleeper beach basket

In Travemünde a childhood's dream comes true! During the summer months you can book a fantastic night under the stars in the two sleeper beach basket. In this specially designed beach furniture which measures 1,40 m you sleep directly at the beach and listen to the nightly sea on your own or together with your partner- feelings of happiness are included. Of course, you can also book the beach chair just for a day. A tarpaulin protects you from sun, wind and weather and from pyring eyes. For the night you can close the beach chair completely. Two portholes allow you the view on the sea and the stars. Cuddly bed linen, a bottle of water and the magazin "Treasure up" for your evening read are part of the standard equipment.

Booking period: 01st May 2020 - 30th September 2020

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