Tour 2: Dummersdorfer Ufer

©LTM Archiv
©LTM Archiv

The Dummesdorfer Ufer is home to the largest collection of rare plant species in Schleswig-Holstein. You can explore this wonderful beauty spot effortlessly on a cycle tour from Travemünde.

The morning tour:

Set off towards Teutendorfer Weg from the Baggersand car park. After a short time turn left into Straße Hollbeck. After passing the allotments, turn right into Rönnauer Weg, which will take you over the B75. Shortly afterwards, turn left into Straße Am Blocksberg and continue to Pöppendorf. From the Pöppendorfer Hauptstraße you turn right into Straße Hohenstern, crossing over the B 75 again and then onto Straße Sandfeld. Now follow the signs to the Tierheim and turn right after you pass this, continuing onto Hirtenbergweg (Feldweg). It finishes at the Stülper Huk – this island has always been some 16 m above the Trave and was supposedly once used by Count Adolf II to monitor trade. Old Travemünde was protected by ditches and walls, which can still be seen today. You can watch the busy shipping traffic from here. Now cycle along the Steilufer until you reach the nature reserve Dummersdorfer Ufer. With a bit of luck you'll see one of the rare cormorants.
For the return trip either take the train from the station right on the route, in Kücknitz or follow the signs along the Travemünder Landstraße towards Skandinavienkai and to the Bodenskulptur Ivendorf, which will give you a fantastic view of the harbour and the Priwall Peninsula.

You'll find more information on the Dummersdorfer Ufer here.