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Anyone who has been sailing is familiar with the wonderful feeling of being at one with the wind and the waves. You just leave your worries, stress and bad mood behind on land.

The Bay of Lübeck offers the ideal estuary for beginners and sailing fans. The wind is generally calm and blows seaward. This gives ordinary sailors all the time in the world to get used to the wet element and its specific rules. There are no strong currents or dangerous shallows – and there's a safe harbour every ten kilometres, where sailors can berth, relax and, of course, get some refreshment.
Then there's the idyllic countryside between Wustrow and Fehmarn: Depending on the wind, in summer you sail sometimes to the west, sometimes to the east in peaceful bays, and you can swim from the boat.

Many different types of boat are available for hire in Travemünde from the small dinghy Optimist for children to the lightning fast catamaran Tornado. If you don't have the right boat licence for what you want to charter, then you can get one after a one or two-week course at the sailing schools in Travemünde.

You can also usually sail up the Trave to Lübeck, because the wide river only has a light current. A cruise upriver between untouched nature is a very special experience for dinghy sailors.

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