Trail 1: Travemünde Natural Oasis

Skandinavienkai©K.E. VögeleDie Queen Elizabeth in Travemünde©K.E. Vögele

The Priwall Peninsula between the Trave and the Baltic belongs to nature: beach roses and sea buckthorn grow between the dunes and forest, there are countless varieties of birds and the landscape is criss-crossed by beautiful walks.

It's quick and easy to get to the Priwall by ferry. The 6.4-km walk in Travemünde's natural oasis also starts here.

Turn right in front of the “Rosenhof” onto a small path that runs along the water. After a while, you will pass under a tunnel. Keep right at the end of the path to follow the trail. You're now entering the “Südlicher Priwall” nature reserve. You'll come to the Trave after around 300 m – you have a wonderful view of the Skandinavienkai from here. After approx. 1.3 km you'll reach the southern tip of the Priwall, on the left there is a fantastic view of the Pötenitzer Wiek. Continue along the path to the left – there are many types of migratory birds to see here. Some 600 m after the southern tip of the peninsula you'll come to a fork in the path. If you go straight on you'll come to the horse paddocks of the Travemünde-Priwall stables. You turn left through the light forest and reach open space; to the right through the bushes you can see the Pötenitzer Wiek again. After a while, you'll come to a natural fence and a small lookout point, which affords a magnificent view. Follow the marked path to the left from here. Turn left at the next fork, the path runs parallel to the bridle path to the central paddock – a large, open meadow. At the stables at the end of the path follow the signs to the ferry and continue straight along the road (Fliegerweg). Turn right from here
into the Mecklenburger Landstraße, then turn left after a couple of minutes into Dünenweg, to reach the beach. Turn left here towards the Trave. Continue past the Passat and the marina, and then you'll arrive back at the Priwall ferry. Or you can take the passenger ferry at the Passat (only in the summer months).