Trail 2: Travemünde Beach Lover

©Theresa MuusBrodtener Steilufer©Thomas RadbruchTimmendorfer Strand©Shutterstock

Through Niendorf to Timmendorfer Strand (to Niendorf approx. 7.5 km, to Timmendorf approx. 10 km)

The Travemünde Beach Lover walk promises fresh Baltic air and magnificent sea views. On this walk you'll discover the beautiful stretch of coastline from Travemünde to Niendorf and, who knows, you could even walk as far as Timmendorfer Strand.

This walk always hugs the Baltic coastline!

The starting point is the Strandpromenade in Travemünde – cross a car park on the left level with the Mövenstein swimming area at the end of the Strandpromenade, and turn right into Straße Helldahl. Follow this street to the end and then continue on the path along the Brodtener Steilufer towards Niendorf. The strange cliff formation of the Brodtener Steilufer (Brodten bluff) runs for 4 km between Travemünde and Niendorf, a retreat for many types of animals and plants. You'll find here, for example, the largest sand martin colony in Schleswig-Holstein with up to 2,600 breeding pairs. After approx. 3.5 km you'll come to the Hermannshöhe. Take a break to enjoy the uniquely beautiful view of the Baltic Sea; then, continue on your way to the left. Walk on to the Niendorfer Kurpromenade – it starts behind the seawater swimming pool. After a visit to the picturesque fishing harbour you can travel back to Travemünde by bus, or continue your walk to Timmendorfer Strand. Take line 40 to return – there are various stops, including at the swimming pool and the harbour (buses depart hourly). It is another 3 km from Niendorf to Timmendorfer Strand! The walking trail leads directly there. Your first stop in Timmendorfer Strand should be a little refreshment at Café Engelseck – also known as “Café Wichtig” to the locals (café important) – before you make your way back to Travemünde. You can also shorten your journey from here by taking the bus – it's still line 40 (e.g. from the Town Hall).