Priwall Peninsula

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The Priwall Peninsula between the Baltic Sea and the Trave has been part of Lübeck since 1226. It is a really special place of original, untouched natural beauty. It is home to numerous protected types of plant, rare bird species roost and brood in the bird sanctuary, and sea lyme grass and sea buckthorn grow between the dunes and the forest.

For a long time the Priwall was only used as grazing land for cattle, until a swimming facility was established here for the locals in the 19th century in parallel to the sophisticated spa resort. It was also home to the aircraft and shipbuilding industry, before nature was given free rein again more than 50 years ago.

The Priwall is divided into northern and southern parts:

Northern Priwall: beach & dunes

If you desire a little more peace and solitude then you should definitely get the passenger ferry to the Priwall – you'll find an untouched natural beach with gentle dunes flanked by woodland. You'll also find the best conditions for families with small children here, because the beach shelves very gently, so your toddlers can splash about safely in shallow water. Little explorers will love the local shells, either for decorating their sandcastles or for taking home as a souvenir or gift for mummy. There are Baltic tellins, sand gapers, common muscles and cockles just waiting to be discovered. The Priwall is also home to a nudist area, beach chair and boat hire, as well as a dog beach.
Please note that a beach user fee is charged per person.

Southern Priwall: Feuchtwiese nature reserve
The 30-ha pasture in the middle of the nature reserve is a real paradise for many animal species: The so-called “Feuchtwiese” (marsh area) contains lots of wetlands and tiny kettle holes (ponds) – the perfect habitat for frogs, grass snakes and dragonflies. You may also see bats, lapwings, redshanks and wagtails.