Wasserfahrschule Schött

Surfing, sailing, fishing - the fun never ends!

The strong easterly wind favours surfing on the Baltic Sea. There are, however, calmer nooks as well, giving beginners a chance to take their first surf lessons. The local surfing schools not only provide training but also rent out the necessary requirement. Sailor's hearts are delighted in Travemünde, too. You can either take sailing turns on historic boats or, if you have a sailing license, rent a sailing boat from one of the sailing schools. You can even accompany the regatta during the Travemünde Week, which is the world's second largest sailing event. This takes initiative, though. Simply approach the captains and ask whether they could still use a helping hand.

The fishing season is fortunately not bound to a certain time of the year. Surf and deep sea fishing is always possible. Whether herring, whiting, flounder or cod - they all make a fisherman's heart skip a beat.

Wasserfahrschule Schött

Teutendorfer Weg 2
23570 Travemünde
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