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©Katja Schulenburg
©Katja Schulenburg

A winner for more than 120 years: the beach chair!
It is age-old and yet totally modern, a hit with grandma and the grandchildren: the beach chair was invented in 1882 and continues to gain fans to this day.

Its design is already a classic – compact chairs were used to protect visitors to the resort's beach from too much sun and wind in the imperial period. Only the materials have become more robust with time: a modern beach chair is made from plastic, which can withstand the salty sea wind for much longer than the traditional rattan wicker.
It all began with the rich, but rheumatic Elfriede Maltzahn – in the spring of 1882 this elderly lady entered the shop of Warnemünde basket maker Wilhelm Bartelmann. She was suffering, complained Mrs Maltzahn, as her doctor had ordered her to avoid sea and fresh air whenever possible, because the harsh wind caused her pain. Master Bartelmann knew what to do and wove the lady a beach chair to protect her. Word soon got around: more and more orders poured in to the basket maker's workshop, from summer visitors who saw Elfriede's woven refuge and wanted their own protective shelter on the beach. Just one year later, the wife of the beach chair inventor opened the first rental business on the Baltic coast.
This is how the beach chair that we know today emerged: with large hood, stripy cushions, footrest, armrest and an umbrella holder. Solid as a rock. And today, there are more than 70,000 of these protective chairs along the German Baltic and North Sea coast. Outside Germany, however, the beach chair is a rarity – German Gemütlichkeit has made it all the way to the USA as a loan word, but people are still facing the elements on foreign beaches with no shelter.

Our beach chair rental businesses move with the times. Recently, there have also been variations for three people, kid's chairs, bed chairs and even mini chairs for your pooch on the dog beach.

You can borrow beach wheelchairs free of charge from the rental businesses Seipel and Bühring-Pegel.

A beach chair costs from €8.50 per day, reduced by €0.50 with the OstseeCard; there is a special tariff for beach chairs from 3pm onwards. Reserve your beach chair in advance by telephone or online, especially in high season.

Our beach chair rental businesses:

Husch, husch ins Körbchen!
Anja und Norbert Babies
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Strandkorbvermietung Elena Thielsen
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Thomas Knoll
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Norbert Stöter
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Dieter Paulsen
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Heinrich Schlüter
Tel.: +49 (0) 45 05 / 14 27 or +49 (0) 1 71 / 4 86 87 70

Familie Seipel
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Martina Strubel
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