Resort tax & beach user fee

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The Baltic spa resort Travemünde has a resort tax and a beach user fee. The revenue from both charges is used to maintain resort facilities and the beach.

Resort tax
The resort tax in Travemünde is €2.80 per day from 15th May - 14th Sept., and €1.40 per day throughout the rest of the year. The resort tax is paid by visitors (from the age of 18 years) staying in the applicable area and is used to cover expenditure on production, management and maintenance of resort facilities (parks, paths, squares, promenades, events etc.). The beach user fee is included in the resort tax.

Beach user fee

The beach user fee is charged from 15th May - 14th Sept. and is €2.80 per day on the city side, and €1.40 per day on the Priwall Peninsula. The charge have to paid from the age of 16 years. There is no charge for the beaches on Brodtener Ufer, the esplanade, and for - but only for people from Lübeck  - the Priwall beach. The beach user fee is used to cover the costs for operating and maintaining the resort's beach.

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