Vorderreihe©Katja Schulenburg©Katja Schulenburg

Between water & clouds: Travemünde's Vorderreihe is the perfect combination of harbour romance and open-air shopping street! While the huge ferries follow their cause, you can stroll in a relaxed fashion between cafés, restaurants and shops.

The picturesque Vorderreihe is a shopping street in a class of its own – shrieking seagulls, chugging fishing boats and fresh sea breeze come together here with stylish shops, cosy cafés and first-class restaurants. This is just the place for a relaxed stroll in Travemünde, because there is so much to see, to experience and so many interesting things to discover – whether it's maritime fashion, lovely souvenirs for your loved ones back home, exclusive cosmetics or enchanting decorative items.. Be amazed and experience true shopping heaven on your treasure hunt in Travemünde.Take a break after a bit of shopping: relax in one of the many cafés on the Vorderreihe right on the water, order a delicious cappuccino and enjoy the view of the enormous white ferries, the fishing boats and the countless sailing vessels. An atmosphere with a hint of the big, wide world – while you're served fresh coffee and home-made cakes.Tip: the Vorderreihe is also a great place to go in the evenings. Some restaurants only really get going when the shopkeepers take in their wares and the cute shops close up. Enjoy the warm summer breeze on the terraces, watch the summer visitors going by and reflect on some of the best experiences of your day over a delicious plate of food. You'll find a list of Travemünde restaurants here.